Productivity Checklist: Boost Productivity at Work

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Are your unfinished tasks starting to pile up? Productivity isn’t an easy recipe. From space, lighting, to equipment, many factors affect our efficiency at work. Without the right tools and tricks, you’re likely to fall behind your daily tasks.

#1: Ditch bodily discomfort with ergonomic furniture

It’s no secret that bad posture causes joint and muscle pain. Common forms of poor posture at work include slouching, slumping, and even leaning forward while sitting. But other than bodily discomfort, poor posture also creates a lot of trouble for workers.

Generally, the longer your slouch or slump, the harder the muscles must work. Over time, this causes muscle fatigue, and you’re likely to feel more tired easily. Other than fatigue, poor posture also leads to poor blood circulation, unpleasant mood, and even digestive problems. Overall, these issues disrupt your concentration and keep you from functioning at your best.

Ergonomic furniture can help reduce these problems linked to poor posture. Ergonomic chairs come with adjustable backrests that support the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine. Meanwhile, ergonomic tables often come with adjustable heights. Since these fixtures are designed for efficiency and comfort, they’ll help you ditch the hassles and distractions caused by bodily discomfort at work.

#2: Combat sluggishness with cooling devices

Temperature and productivity are tightly related. Various studies found that hot temperatures lead to lower productivity. The connection liesin how our bodies react to extreme heat.

Specifically, when we’re exposed to hot environments, our bodies work harder to keep a normal internal temperature. The whole process takes up much energy, and we’re likely to feel tired and sluggish as a result. Moreover, excessive sweating can also lead to dehydration. This affects our cognitive performance and mood. As a result, we’re likely to struggle to concentrate on our tasks.

Cooling devices can help you avoid these problems. They’ll keep your workspace cool and suitable for long hours of work. Desk fans and air conditioning units are great to beat the heat. You can simply buy one at the local supermarket or settle for a quick air conditioner repair.

#3: Create the right mood with natural lighting

Lighting is another key factor in boosting one’s productivity. The connection lies in how lighting affects our physical and mental well-being. Dim lights, for instance, are known to cause eye strains to workers. Meanwhile, fluorescent lighting is often linked to headaches and migraines. These factors affect our mood and productivity.

So, what’s your best alternative then? Different studies show that the best office lighting is still natural lighting. Direct light from the sun gives us the right degree of illumination. Plus, it doesn’t cause eye strains or even migraines. Moreover, natural lighting is budget-friendly. It won’t affect your electricity bills. You can take advantage of natural lighting by setting up your workspace near the window.

If you opt to work at night, you can also improve your productivity through lighting color control. Warm lights have been found to create a sense of relaxation. Meanwhile, cool lights are said to improve concentration. Hence, cooler lighting is generally preferred in office setups. You can invest in blue-enriched light bulbs to achieve the right productive atmosphere.

#4: Skip the mess with smart storage solutions

The time you spend looking for a specific document amid stacks of papers can cause you an additional burden. Not only does it extend your work time, but it also ruins your mood and concentration. Moreover, the sight of a messy table can’t give you the motivation you need. On the contrary, it gives you the perception that your job is hard and extra demanding.

You can skip these troubles by investing in smart storage solutions. Among the most popular bets on the market include box shelves, mobile storages, and even desk organizers. A built-in cabinet will also give you the storage solution you need without taking up much space.

#5: Noise-canceling headphones or speakers

Noise is the most popular enemy of productivity. Unnecessary sounds and clamors interrupt our concentration. Worse, they ruin our mood and make it harder to feel motivated. Whether you’re at the office or at home, you should keep noise from your workspace as much as possible.

Noise-canceling headphones and speakers can help you avoid the work troubles caused by unwanted noise. As their names suggest, these devices are designed to block away background sounds to help you focus on your task. They are also great for online meetings and conferences.

Before you miss the deadlines, it’s best to give your workspace the right productivity enhancers. Whether you’re at the office or home, these five tricks will help you improve that productive flow.

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