Building a Productive Office: What to Do for Employees

A productivity-improving office design
  • Office design significantly influences employee productivity, with natural light and nature integration enhancing mood and focus.
  • A commercial glass company can help maximize natural light through windows, skylights, and glass partitions.
  • Biophilic design elements like indoor plants, natural materials, green walls, and outdoor spaces can reduce stress and boost creativity.
  • An open office layout fosters collaboration and flexibility while providing designated quiet zones for focused work.

Office design plays a crucial role in employee productivity. A well-designed workspace can enhance concentration, foster creativity, and encourage collaboration. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, 76% of employees rank well-designed workspaces as necessary for their productivity. In comparison, 50% state their current workspace design is not conducive to their productivity. A study by Gensler, a global architecture firm, found that businesses with optimal workspace design are likely to outperform their peers by up to 2x. Therefore, thoughtful consideration of office design can significantly contribute to employee output and, consequently, organizational success.

However, you might not know where to start when it comes to designing a productive office. The good news is that many low-cost solutions can significantly affect employee productivity. Here are some simple and practical ideas for creating an environment that empowers your employees to perform at their best.

Let in Natural Lighting

Natural lighting in office

Natural light plays a crucial role in maintaining the well-being and productivity of office employees. Exposure to natural light during the workday has been found to improve mood, reduce fatigue, and decrease eye strain, all of which can contribute to enhanced productivity. Natural light can also help regulate the circadian rhythm, promoting better sleep and overall health.

Partnering with a Commercial Glass Company

One effective way to increase natural light in your office is by partnering with a reputable commercial glass company. These companies specialize in installing large, high-quality windows that can drastically improve the amount of sunlight your office receives. They can provide expert advice on window placement to maximize light exposure and help you select the best types of glass for thermal efficiency and light transmittance.

Installing Skylights

Another method for amplifying natural light is the installation of skylights. Skylights provide overhead illumination that can fill your office with a balanced, diffused light, reducing the need for artificial lighting. A commercial glass company can assist you in choosing suitable skylights and installing them in optimal locations.

Using Glass Partitions

To further enhance light distribution, consider using glass partitions instead of traditional walls. Glass partitions allow light to permeate entire office spaces, reducing dependence on artificial lighting and creating a more open, airy environment. Working with a commercial glass company can make this transition seamless and effective, providing numerous design options that best suit your office layout.

Constant Window Cleaning

There will be no point in investing in large windows for natural light if they are obstructed by dirt and debris. Ensuring regular window cleaning can maintain the quality of natural lighting while giving your office space a clean, professional appearance. Partnering with a commercial glass company can guarantee expert cleaning solutions that keep your windows spotless and well-maintained.

Incorporate Nature into the Design

Plants inside the office

Integrating natural elements into office design, a concept known as biophilic design, is another critical factor in fostering a productive work environment. Studies indicate that incorporating nature in the workplace can reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve well-being, contributing to increased productivity. Here are some practical ways to incorporate nature into your office design.

Introduce Indoor Plants

Indoor plants not only enhance the aesthetics of an office but also improve air quality by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen. They can create a calming and refreshing environment that stimulates mental focus and reduces stress. Consider adding plants in office areas, including communal areas, workstations, and meeting rooms.

Use Natural Materials

Another way to introduce nature into your office is by using natural materials in your design. Incorporating elements like wood, stone, and bamboo in furniture and decor can create a sense of connection to the natural world, fostering calm and promoting focus.

Install a Green Wall

A green or living wall can be a striking design feature that brings a substantial amount of nature into the workspace. These walls are covered with various plants, providing visual beauty and a unique way to improve air quality.

Create Outdoor Spaces

If possible, create outdoor spaces such as terraces or gardens where employees can take breaks or work when the weather permits. This directly connects to nature, allowing employees to recharge and gain a fresh perspective.

Provide an Open Office Layout

An open office layout can foster strong teamwork and collaboration among employees. In this design, employees are grouped in an ample space, with minimal barriers like cubicles or office walls. This encourages open communication, sparks creativity, and facilitates real-time information sharing, increasing productivity. An open office layout can also make the space look larger and more inviting, promoting a positive work environment.

The first step is to eliminate or minimize physical barriers such as walls or cubicles that separate employees. This can be achieved by opting for desks arranged in clusters or using long tables where several employees can work side by side.

Introduce flexible workspaces that can be easily reconfigured for activities such as team projects, brainstorming sessions, or meetings. This could involve the use of movable furniture or modular units.

Designate spaces specifically for collaboration. These areas can feature round tables or comfortable seating arrangements encouraging team interaction and discussion. While promoting openness and collaboration, it’s also important to provide quiet zones or breakout areas where employees can focus on individual tasks without distraction. These can be small, enclosed spaces equipped with necessary facilities.

If privacy or noise control is a concern, consider using transparent partitions. They maintain the open feel but provide a degree of separation when needed. Glass partitions, for example, can provide visual privacy without blocking natural light.

Final Thoughts

Employee productivity is a critical factor in the success of any organization, and office design can significantly impact it. With these simple, cost-effective design ideas, you can build a productive office that fosters employee well-being and drives organizational success. So, invest in office design and witness its positive impact on your employees’ productivity levels.


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