Digital Tools Every Young Entrepreneur Should Know

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We live in an age where almost everything can be automated. While some jobs will become obsolete, it also provides an opportunity for businesses to increase their income and improve productivity. All budding entrepreneurs need to be updated on the latest technology, helping them in their careers and businesses.

There are tools for different purposes. These are just some of the most common functions and tasks that are often automated.

For Project Management

One of the most important tools that every entrepreneur needs are the ones that help with project management. Whether you are working with an office or a team of remote workers, these tools will help you assign tasks and keep track of where you are. This is great for implementing large projects that require multiple stages, especially now during a pandemic. Studies found that 88 percent of remote workers experience inconsistent management.

There are free tools worldwide with basic features such as Trello and Asana, but the problem with these tools is that their functions are limited. It allows you to list tasks, but unlike paid tools, you cannot track progress and make charts. Other paid tools give you the option to remind team members and let your team see if you are on schedule. Others even have communication features.

You should consider investing in paid services such as ServiceNow implementation. These kinds of tools use closed systems, so you are guaranteed extra security. What’s great about these is that you are also paying for the installation. It would then connect to your software for easier management.

For Emails

For those who engage with many customers, an email management tool is necessary to provide the best services. These can sort complaints and automatically create tickets to be directed to the appropriate person. It can also remove spam emails and remind you to follow up on certain requests.

One of its main benefits is for marketing. If you plan on releasing newsletters or PR to many people, these tools will make the process a lot simpler. Some of them even manage your contact list and allow you to segregate them depending on their demographic. You should look out for those that have customer relationship management or CRM. CRm basically tracks your relation and interaction, such as how soon you reply and how many times they send you emails.

Among these, Hubspot continues to be one of the best for marketing. Microsoft 365 also has good email management software for internal use. The secret to these tools is AI, which identifies trends that help them identify which emails are urgent and not.

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For Accounting

Improve accuracy and efficiency when handling invoices and billings by using accounting software. You can also use it to monitor expenses by your team. When used properly, these tools will help you identify your business’s aspects is costing you more money than returns. It also has all the basic and advanced formulas that accounting tasks require. Some will even generate charts and tables for analytical purposes.

QuickBooks is commonly used in businesses because it has easy-to-use software, and you can also use it to manage payroll accounts. It can also track profits and losses. This software can be connected to payment platforms such as Paypal for added convenience. If you want something that can automate payments, Zoho Books has this function. You can schedule incoming and outgoing payments as well.

For Outsourcing

Sometimes, it would be better for your business to outsource a professional. You can save money on utility costs, and there is a wider range of applicants to choose from. A full-time employee is not always necessary, and certain tasks only need a few hours of work. You can also offer your own professional experience and start a side job.

If you are interested in finding a side gig and making the most out of your skills, online tools can make that easier. Fiverr and Upwork are two of the most popular ones. It is used for both freelancers and potential buyers. For Fiverr, it’s more on creating packages and waiting for people to send you an offer first. In Upwork, you can send proposals and pitches to job posts.

The key to using these platforms is specialization. You want to distinguish yourself from the millions of users on the site. Focusing on a niche will reduce competition and make finding work easier.

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