Four Benefits That You Should Have For Female Employees

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Workplaces have become more diverse throughout the years. Now people of different races, religions, and genders are working together. Even though this is the case, some employers still discriminate against certain employees.

One group of people that face discrimination in the workplace are women. They are often paid less than men, passed up for promotions, and not given the same opportunities. If you want to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, there are some benefits that you can offer specifically for female employees.

Women have been fighting for their rights in the workplace for years. But even now, they are still being discriminated against. To help level the playing field, here are five benefits you can offer female employees that will make them feel more comfortable and appreciated in your company.

Paid Maternity Leave

Women are discriminated against for pregnancy, even if it’s not done directly. Some businesses don’t want to deal with the hassle of an employee taking time off for maternity leave so they will hire a man instead. This is why it’s important to have a paid maternity leave policy in place. It will show your female employees that you value them and give them the time they need to bond with their new baby.

Offering maternity leaves also give your businesses a few benefits. First, it shows that you’re an employer willing to work with your employees’ life changes. It can make your company more attractive to prospective female employees. Additionally, it can help reduce employee turnover. Women who feel supported by their employer are more likely to stay with the company, even after having a baby.

Some of the best companies that offer this benefit are Netflix, Google, and Amazon. They all offer at least 16 weeks of paid maternity leave. However, Google takes this to a new level by providing childcare services.

A mother taking care of her child


There are about 24 million children aged between 1 to 11 in the country. Most of these children have hard-working mothers who must provide for their families. Unfortunately, finding affordable childcare is a struggle for many mothers. It’s one of the main reasons why women leave the workforce.

While every company can’t offer on-site childcare the same way Google does, there are other ways you can help. For example, you can provide subsidies or stipends that can be used towards childcare costs. You can also give employees the option to work from home a few days a week to save on childcare costs.

Legal Benefits

Women remain one of the most vulnerable groups in society, which is why they need all the legal protection they can get. There are many laws in place that aim to protect women from discrimination and sexual harassment. But these laws can only do so much if employers don’t enforce them.

As an employer, you must ensure that your workplace is free from such things. Moreover, you should keep an eye out for the Shadow Pandemic.

The CDC describes the Shadow Pandemic as “the ongoing, pervasive, and often hidden health threat posed by gender-based violence.” This includes sexual harassment, domestic violence, and stalking.

You can help protect your female employees from the Shadow Pandemic by offering them legal benefits. Giving access to domestic violence lawyers can ensure they feel safe in their homes. Moreover, it can also help ensure they get the legal protection they need if they ever find themselves in a situation where their partners are harassing them.

Flexible Work Hours

Flexible work hours are a great way to show your female employees that you value their time and commitments outside of work. It can be difficult for women to manage their work and home life, especially if they have young children.

By offering flexible work hours, you’re giving them the freedom to choose when to start and end their workday. This can help them better manage their time so they can still accomplish their work tasks while also caring for their families. It’s essential for employees that have newly given birth and have an infant they have to take care of at home.

You should also offer unlimited days off when you can. It’ll help your employees feel more control over their work-life balance.

Some companies that offer this benefit are Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Netflix, and PwC. They all allow their employees to have a flexible work schedule.

Offering these kinds of benefits can give advantages to your company. First, it can help you attract top talent. Second, it can help reduce employee turnover. Finally, it can improve work-life balance for your employees, which can lead to increased productivity.

Do you offer any of these benefits to your female employees? If not, then you should start considering it. It’s a great way to show them that you value their contributions to the workplace.

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