Let’s Talk About Insurance and Liability


What happens when you’re part of an Uber accident? Uber has its policies for when accidents happen. Some legalities will hold them accountable, but there are also cases when the passenger may not receive any compensation.

Liability and insurance–these are two things that Uber users need to be informed about. Now, insurance has always been a gray area. It’s never one-thing-or-another, and there are way too many tricky terms and conditions to navigate. To understand these, one must have a Los Angeles Uber accident attorney.

When is Uber liable?

Uber drivers are “independent contractors,” which makes them fall on the third-party service category rather than a real Uber employee. This allows Uber to decline liability for accidents legally.

Additionally, it’s crucial to note that an Uber is both a personal and a business car. This is where the lines can be blurred a bit. If an accident happens, one key determiner for liability is whether the driver was online or not. The former will grant the parties a $1 million coverage while the latter turns to the driver’s personal car insurance.

Personal Car Insurance and Ride-Sharing

Since personal car insurance is now in the picture, the driver should have full knowledge of its coverage. The usual policy covers everyone in the car as long as they’re not being charged for the ride.

Once the car is used for business purposes, the “personal” part of “personal car insurance” is lost. As a result, insurance companies do not cover these instances. As an Uber driver, it is best to get a commercial auto policy to cover car accidents during business use.

ride sharing

The Next Steps

The actions of the passenger and the driver after the accident are crucial because these can be used against or for them in court.  Since uber drivers are considered third-party service providers, it could be difficult to convince them to provide compensation, and there’s a big chance they will hold off the insurance.

For the passenger

  • Seek medical help right away. It will not only prevent further injuries, but the medical records will serve as a recorded document of your case. This can be used to help your case if any legal actions are taken.
  • Hire a lawyer. You will less likely be covered by the driver’s own insurance, and Uber’s insurance may need extra assistance to strengthen your case.

For the driver

  • Wait for 911 to respond to your accident.
  • Don’t say anything that can be held against you. Don’t reach an agreement with the other party without officials around.
  • Take photos. These will serve as your record for the damages.
  • Know the other party’s information and take notes. This will be helpful for investigations and to contact them in case you need it.

As always, it pays to be aware of the rules. Anything can happen at any given time, and being prepared guarantees the chances of saving yourself from any more harm. Like most cases with insurance companies, you can take the necessary steps to strengthen your case and increase the chances of receiving compensation for the accident.

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