Preparing Down the Road: Causes and Types of Car Accidents

When you get involved in a car accident, the first thing you should do is call an auto accident lawyer in Salt Lake City or other nearby areas. In doing so, you can have them seek compensation for damages on your behalf, while you focus entirely on having a stress-free recovery from your injuries.

However, that doesn’t mean that the entire reimbursement process is out of your hands now. There are still ways you can assist your lawyer, such as giving them a complete account of events that you can recall.

That is why it is important to learn about the various possible car accidents that can happen, along with their possible causes. This will help you provide an accurate recollection of events, which can further the case in your favor.

Here are the most common types of auto accidents and a few of their causes.

Rear-end Collision

Rear-end collisions usually happen when a car slows down or stops suddenly and the vehicle behind it crashes into the back of the first one. This can be due to one or both drivers being distracted and inattentive of their surroundings. However, it also has a few more possible causes.

If you get into an argument with another driver, they might tailgate you as a taunt. This can cause a rear-end collision if the car in front is not an expert driver or has decided to retaliate. Another possible cause is if a vehicle is speeding and ends up crashing into a car ahead of it.

Side-Impact Collision

Also known as a T-bone collision, a side impact collision occurs when one car crashes into the side of another. It is usually riskier for the driver who was impacted, and they’re more likely to suffer more serious injuries during the accident.

It is usually caused by a large vehicle, like a truck, crashing into a smaller vehicle. The truck driver has a hard time seeing surrounding cars due to the taller height than most. If they’re distracted, they become a hazard to other smaller vehicles and risk crashing into them.

car accident

Head-on Collision

This kind is the deadliest, due to the higher risk of injury to both drivers. It usually happens when someone is driving counter to the lane and crashes into oncoming traffic. Besides that, it also has a few more causes.

It can be due to poor weather conditions, such as rain or snow, or something that causes the road to be slippery and hazardous. It can also happen if a car tries to overtake another vehicle or when a car enters or exits a freeway.

Multi-Vehicle Collisions

When at least three vehicles crash into each other, a multi-vehicle collision, also known as a pile-up, can occur. It is most likely to happen in places where there are huge volumes of cars, such as highways and freeways.

When an accident happens, some drivers, due to their inexperience, are unable to navigate a smaller road and end up crashing. Another possible cause is street racing, which when done recklessly, risks not only the racer’s lives but also passersby.

After knowing about the different types of accidents, you can be more prepared to handle the process of seeking compensation. You can present your side clearly and thoroughly and receive the proper reimbursement and restitution that you deserve.

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