Different Reasons Why You Should Hire Veterans in Your Business

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  • 16 million veterans in the US are looking for work.
  • Veterans have a strong work ethic, reliability, teamwork mindset, and problem-solving skills.
  • Providing loans and life insurance benefits can attract veterans to small businesses.
  • Being transparent with expectations and offering flexible hours will appeal to veterans.
  • Hiring veterans helps create an inclusive team and drives success for small businesses.

Small businesses contribute significantly to a country’s economic growth and require efficient and reliable workers. However, finding employees who consistently deliver tangible results is not always easy. The good news is that you could find these attributes in veterans keen to transition to civilian life after serving their country. Here’s what you need to know about veterans in the U.S. and the reasons to hire them.

Veterans in The U.S.

There are many veterans in the U.S. It’s estimated that there are 16 million veterans in the country, and a decent chunk of them are out of work. The unemployment rate for veterans is higher than the national average and has been hovering around 3%. This means a large pool of highly skilled and motivated individuals looking to transition from military to civilian life.

Work Ethic

Veterans have a well-established work ethic that translates perfectly into small businesses. During their service, veterans have undergone rigorous training while serving their country. It sharpens their sense of duty and responsibility, making them reliable workers who adhere to deadlines and goals. You can trust veterans to remain focused and determined even in high-pressure situations, making them the perfect employees to hire in your small business.


Reliability is another attribute that veterans possess as a result of their military training. Veterans will show up on time, meet deadlines, and go above and beyond their responsibilities to support their team. As such, they can work collaboratively with other staff members to achieve the goals of the small business. With veterans, you can rest assured that they will deliver on the set goals, and their presence in your small business will boost the productivity and efficiency level of your staff.

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Leadership and Teamwork

Leadership and teamwork are integral to military training, and veterans possess these skills, making them valuable employees in small businesses. Veterans are team players who prioritize collective accomplishments over individual achievements. They can also communicate effectively to ensure that every member understands their roles and the importance of working together. For small businesses that require a culture of collaboration and communication, veterans can be a great addition to drive the team toward success.

Problem-solving Skills

Military training equips veterans with the skills to think on their feet and adapt to changes that come up unexpectedly. They can navigate through uncertainty and unpredictability, problem-solve and develop practical solutions. As a result, veterans can apply the skills they learned in the military to help small businesses navigate problems and remain competitive in their respective industries.

Focus on Achieving Goals

Finally, veterans are goal-oriented individuals who focus on achieving set targets. They have the discipline to see a project through and overcome setbacks to achieve desired results. Veterans can be a valuable addition for small businesses working on time-sensitive projects due to their focus, ability to work with limited resources and attention to detail.

How to Attract Veterans to Your Business

Now you know the reasons to hire veterans in your small business. But how do you attract them? Here are a few tips:

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The Right Benefits

Having the right benefits for your veteran applicants is good if you want to attract them to your company. They often have Veteran Affairs loans with them. However, if they don’t, help them set it up. This way, they have this crucial loan for their lives with little to no interest. Next up is to offer life insurance. Veterans know the value of life, and providing them with good insurance for their families will make them feel appreciated if something happens to the veteran. This is essential if you want to hire veterans in your small business.

Be Transparent

Veterans are attracted to businesses that are transparent about their policies and goals. When interviewing veterans, explain the expectations from each position candidly so they clearly understand what’s expected from them. It’s also essential to let veterans know about any advancement or promotion opportunities that may be available so that they can plan accordingly.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Veterans often have commitments outside of work that might limit their availability during certain days or hours. Offering veterans flexible scheduling options could help attract them to your business. When you provide flexible hours, veterans will realize they are respected and valued in your organization, which can lead to a more positive work environment.

By hiring veterans, you tap into highly motivated individuals’ experience and skillsets and create an inclusive work environment where all team members can thrive. Veterans have the qualities necessary for success in small businesses, thanks to their military training. They bring discipline, focus, determination, problem-solving abilities, and a well-established work ethic, making them the perfect addition to small businesses looking for reliable employees who deliver results.

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