Surrogacy Success: What You Need to Know

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Having children is the dream of many couples. However, not everyone can have that blessing. Biological reasons are the biggest obstacle for some people. But there are several ways to go about it. Adoption is one option. But right now, the use of surrogates is also becoming a popular choice. The problem is that it can get very complex since it involves a third party carrying the baby.

To make things easier for you, here are some tips to help:

Be Familiar With the Laws

Before anything else, you might want to learn about the laws for surrogacy in your state. For example, an experienced family lawyer in Denver will tell you something different from what a lawyer in New York will tell you. Some states have complex surrogacy laws that are already in place. All you need to do is follow them with the help of your lawyer. Other states limit surrogacy to specific instances. Despite unfavorable laws, though, a good lawyer would be able to guide you through them to a successful surrogacy. Do your research first to figure out what you are facing.

Have a Team

The next step you want to take is to get a team together. There are several people that you will need. You will want a good family lawyer to negotiate a contract with your surrogate. A medical team is also necessary since you want your surrogate to be as healthy as possible from the beginning to the end of their pregnancy. You will also need a trained psychologist to help out since the entire process is going to take a mental and emotional toll on everyone involved.

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Contact an Agency

Though technically you can do this without an agency at all, it is better to have a qualified agency helping out. This is because they have gone through the process already and they can help make things easier. Ensure that they follow the guidelines laid down by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine for surrogacy. Since this is an unregulated industry, the guidelines can help ensure that everything is all right.

Find Your Donor and Surrogate

The agency will get you in touch with your possible donors and surrogates. Donors are the ones that provide egg and sperm, while the surrogates are the ones that become pregnant. You must meet with potential donors before the process.

Work With Your Surrogate

When you have chosen a surrogate, you need to work with them as much as possible. Most surrogates have a great support network already but you helping out is pretty welcome. Don’t just pay for things; be involved in the pregnancy. Finally, when it is over, don’t disappear. They are still the biological mother of your child so they deserve being connected to them.

The great thing about surrogacy is that it allows for biological parenthood even to those who normally would not have access to it, such as same-sex couples. Taking that step is going to be a bit difficult, though. That is why knowing the tips above is important. They can help ensure that your surrogacy goes as smoothly as possible.

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