Teaching Students to Be Passionate Writers

Teaching Students

Some people are gifted in public speaking. On the other hand, some are more expressive with their thoughts by writing. These can be taught in school and even included in the most academic curriculum. While some of them seem to be naturally gifted in public speaking or writing, these skills can be further enhanced when taught in school.

Writing can take you places. It’s more than just having good penmanship. Instead, it’s more on how to convey your thoughts with the use of your trusty pen and paper. Without good writers, we cannot enjoy our favorite books and online articles. Student Treasures Publishing offers free 1st-grade writing worksheets for your aspiring junior writers.

How to encourage children to write

Technology has a significant impact on how we live our lives nowadays. Back then, it was normal to see children playing outside, getting dirty, covered with mud, and all. Today, you will notice a lot of children hunched while watching online videos or playing mobile games.

As adults, we do not want our children to become consumed with too much gadget use. In fact, some reports show the adverse effects of electronic gadgets on children. However, it is not too late to encourage your children to appreciate the art of writing. Here are some things you can do to help your children discover the perks of writing:

1. Let their imagination soar.

Children have a very colorful imagination. It depends on what they usually see and watch around them. Let these children feel that they can own their story and that they can be authors in their own right. Encourage them to write something. Let them tell you a story of what happened to them during the day and appreciate their effort.

2. Let them read more books.

The more they read books, the wider their vocabulary will be. It will be easier for them to write if they are more familiar with grammar, synonyms, and figures of speech, among others.

Teaching Students

3. Give them writing assignments/exams.

Aside from improving their memorization and logic skills, students should practice how to convey their thoughts effectively through writing. When giving exams, do not just provide the students with multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank questions. Add an open-ended question that will require them to think about their answers carefully before writing them.

4. Take the students on educational trips.

You can schedule a trip to the local news station or a publishing company. This will help students appreciate the process of making good written content before being released to the public. These will also help them realize the hard work it needs to create information that can be useful and entertaining to the readers and viewers.

In the end, these are some of the things you can do to help students appreciate the art of writing. Some might not be naturally talented at writing, but it can be taught and learned. With practice and the right knowledge and skills, writing can be a fun and fulfilling thing.

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