What Is a Database Health Check?

Have you ever pondered the ways to maintain your OpenEdge system operating efficiently and effectively? In the video above the reporter goes into how a database health check keeps your system running smoothly as it is being set up and in use. Let’s delve deeper into how this works.

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To begin the reporter explains that a database health check is a 3-day engagement where experts check the health of the system. She refers to this as like one is visiting their doctor’s office for a visit. As an example, you go to the doctor to check your lab work and then the doctor gives you suggestions on what to do with the results. Health check works the same way. Some of the things that the database experts can evaluate with the check per the reporter are things like current practices or documentation of gaps in the OpenEdge system.

Next, she goes into how once the experts collect data from the health check they will be able to help provide suggestions on what one needs to do with their own Openedge system. Per the reporter, this will allow you to be able to maintain your equipment and it will keep it performing better and allow for better productivity. If you have not had a health check it may be time.  .

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