You Can Run a Family Business Successfully

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Running a family business can be very challenging. That is especially true where there are personal problems and rivalries between the family members. Hiring an experienced family lawyer can help resolve conflicts and create useful strategies to handle future disagreements. Here are some tips one can use to run a family business without breaking up the family:

Legal Requirements for Starting the Business.

When starting a one must have a business plan, register it, and get a license for it. The business plan must detail the roles and compensation of each family member, an exit plan, a succession plan, and ownership stakes.

With the help of family lawyers, one should draw up contracts for all the people involved in the business. It is advisable to register a family business as an LLC instead of a corporation. That ensures that if something goes wrong, the family members are not financially liable.

Family Expectations

One of the reasons why families break up when they do business together is because people do not get what they expected. It is, therefore, crucial to sit down and discuss roles, investments, and other payments.

Make sure that contracts are drawn up for everyone so that problems are resolved quickly. In case a son decides to work for his father, mutual respect is vital. Taking time to discuss their options, and having a third impartial person at the decision-making table will also help.

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People love working in a family company because they can have a more flexible schedule. On the downside, family members may neglect their responsibilities and hurt the business. When this happens, the owner of the company may need to reprimand that person or fire them. That can cause friction within the family, as everyone takes sides.

To avoid this, one should ensure that employment contracts are very clear about issues like negligence of duty and what actions can be taken against such an employee. It is crucial to have clear procedures for taking days off and leave. Business owners should also make sure that they have a mix of outsiders and family members working in the company, not just relatives.


A significant advantage of a close-knit family running a business together is the ability to make decisions quickly. They understand each other and the vision for the business. That noted, they must keep talking to each other. The relatives working in the company should report on their actions, and the employer should communicate changes and plans early.

The older family members who often have seniority in a family business should take time to consider the younger members’ suggestions before making a decision. The young people will feel that their parents or grandparents value their input and that they matter.


When siblings cannot work together, their parents should consider setting up separate departments for them to run. All decisions in those departments will be up to them and only have to run by their parents. That ensures that personal relationships do not affect the company.

Running a family business can be very difficult, and older family members must take time to teach their children to work together. They should also ensure that they hire family lawyers to help them work out employment contracts as well as succession plans.

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