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Most people have both cars and motorcycles. Cars are more practical for everyday use, while motorcycles are more fun to ride. Most people only have one or the other, but some people have both. Moreover, these two vehicle types offer different types of protection. You need to have the right insurance for both your car and your motorcycle to be fully protected. Here are their similarities and differences:

Insurance Costs

Motorcycle and car insurance rates can vary depending on your state. The minimum legal requirements for insurance also differ. But in general, motorcycle insurance is cheaper than car insurance. This is because they’re less expensive to repair or replace if they’re damaged in an accident. Likewise, another factor that influences these costs concerns your state’s usual weather conditions. For example, if you live in an area with a lot of rain, snow, or ice, it will be much cheaper to insure your motorcycle. The likelihood of you riding out in the rain or snow is much lower.

You’re Required by Law to Have Insurance

You’re required by law in most states to have insurance for both cars and motorcycles. Each state has varying conditions regarding this rule, but in general, you must have the financial responsibility to operate either vehicle on public roads. This is because if you get into an accident and are found to be at fault, the other party can sue you for damages. If you don’t have insurance, you could be forced to pay for the other person’s damages out of your pocket. Likewise, if you plan on leasing or financing either a car or motorcycle, your lender will likely require you to have full coverage insurance.

Available Insurances for Cars and Motorcycles

Motorcycle insurance and car insurance are both types of vehicle insurance. They offer the same protections, such as liability, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage, etc. However, the details of their coverages vary depending on the policy. For example, a motorcycle might have a higher deductible than a car for comprehensive and collision coverage. And while car insurance generally includes towing and rental reimbursement coverage, motorcycle insurance may not. So it’s important to read through the policy carefully to understand what is and isn’t covered.

Getting in an Accident

Statistics show 5,115 fatal crashes and 81,000 injury crashes for motorcycles in the US in 2019. Making motorcycles more prone to accidents than cars. There are several reasons for this. The first reason is that motorcycles are less visible to other drivers on the road because of their size. Likewise, a two-wheel vehicle is less stable than four-wheel vehicles, making them more likely to skid or tip over if their rider isn’t careful. This commonly happens when a motorcycle hits a pothole, or a car turns into the motorcycle’s path.

In addition, cars have seat belts and airbags that protect the driver and passengers in a crash, while motorcycles do not have either of these safety features. Hence, it’s better to be prepared by having full coverage insurance for motorcycles. This will help cover the cost of damages and injuries if you’re in an accident.

Motorcycle crash after accident

Denied Claims: What to Do

If you are in a motorcycle accident and the other driver denies your claims that they were at fault, it is important to take action. First, get all the information from the other driver, including their name, insurance company, and contact information. You should also collect information from any witnesses to the accident. Next, you will want to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. Be prepared to provide evidence that supports your claims, such as witness statements, photos of the accident scene, and medical bills.

If the insurance company denies your claim or offers you a low settlement, your next step would be to reach out to a lawyer for help. They can help you gather evidence to support your case, file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company, and negotiate a settlement. If necessary, they can also represent you in court. This is why it’s essential to hire a dependable motorcycle accident lawyer whose specialty and experience will work to your advantage. They will know how to build a strong case and get you the compensation you deserve. This will ensure that you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company and that you receive the full compensation you are entitled to.

No one plans on being in an accident, but if it does happen, it’s important to know that you have options. Insurance can help protect you financially and provide peace of mind. It’s important to understand your policy and what it covers to know what to expect if you are ever in an accident.

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